Thanks to  Topaz on Fenit  Road, Ales gets his wallet back from the dustbin !

A  real  thank you to Topaz on Fenit  Road, Tralee  today


Topaz Annascaul Adventures who  is  running the Trans Atlantic Way


got a  puncture at the  top of the Conor Pass today. He  managed  to mend the tire with the help  of  someone  who  was on the route and  wobbled into Dingle .   However  when he  got to the cycle  shop on Dyke Lane he  discovered  that he  didn’t  have his wallet .


When I  found Ales  he  way  thumbing  out of Dingle where  he  disclosed  what  had  happened.  “Where  do you  think you lost the wallet”  I  asked  as he tumbled into my  small Nissan Micra.


“I  think I  threw  it  into a rubbish bin out side a  shop in Tralee” he replied. I  looked at  him with a  sense  of suspicion. Well maybe a  bit  more  than a  sense. Cant  pay  for  tire, is  completely in disarray, something  about an iron man race, endurance and all ,    and was  now  looking  for a shop  in Tralee  that  may  have  a  wallet in the dustbin. Yea, Yea!   I  have  seen these guys  before.  Even if  it  were  true  I  thought Iron Men and Athletes  were  super  organised  and  not out  of  sorts  like this fellow  who I  just  happened to  stumble  upon.


After  going a  few miles down the road  and while I was driving  Ales was  able to tell me  the  location of the  shop, using his mobile always on data.  I remembered  that this  was the  same  shop  that  stayed  open all night serving petrol for those  of  us  that  travel to  Dublin in the early  hours  of the morning. I  pinpointed the shop  on the net and called Topaz  ( well a friend of mine, who I called pin pointed it )   asking  if this  was  still a the  filling station on the Fenit Road . When I  called I  was able to indicate  that I  was  travelling  with this  wild person  from the Czech Republic who was  in no. 4  position in the race but  was  loosing  minutes  as we  spoke.  Would they  mind awfully  checking their  bins  on the off chace  that there was a  wallet  in a bag inside their  outside bin. They didnt blink an eyelid.  Sure,   people  continuously leave wallets in the bin.    They  called  me  back with  15  minutes  and at that  point could I  rest  easy  that I  wasn’t  transporting a “nutter”  in the  back. Well he  was  a nutter, but  only  because  he  was  travelling  300 km  each  day  in  order to  get to Cork  by tomorrow but  needed to complete  2,500 km  in less than  7  days.


I  decided to bring Ales  to Fenit  Raod and then bring  him back  to Dingle again  (    60 mile  round  trip.)    I  wasn’t  busy and  sure I wasnt  doing the race. It  was the least I  could do  to “egg him on”


Ales’s  blog  can be  found  at


Again if  you  want to  know  more about this race  please  see  which  finishes  tomorrow or the day after.


P.S  As I  write this Aleg  is  still out  pedalling  ( probably  just  getting into kenmare with the rest of the Wild Atlantic  Way to finish  tomorrow and  will most  likely  be in Cork for the  finish. Nite  night!  I am off to  bed . What time it is . Yawn !  it’s  9.30pm. Written by Aidan Gillespie  / Annascaul Adventures