Animals & Entertainment

Boarding Kennels for all small animals

Looking for someone to look after your small pets? We provide boarding for small animals – rabbits, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, tortoises, hedgehogs, degus, rats, chinchillas – you name it, we board it! Based in Annascaul, we are the only small animal boarding in County Kerry. Lead by Jessica, a fully qualified and experienced animal carer. We can collect your pets at your home if you like.
Phone: 087 4115205

Dove Release Kerry

Dove releases for Weddings, Funerals, Celebrations and Events.  For centuries these beautiful white birds have represented peace, faith, hope, love, unity and new beginnings. For weddings, funerals, memorials or any special event, there cannot be a more beautiful and meaningful way to represent it. Creating Memories for a lifetime. Ceremonial White Bird Release. Love comes alive at weddings, Joy soars at special events, and Peace becomes palpable at funerals.


Katsquire Wedding Band

Available for weddings, parties, corporate functions and festivals, Katsquire perform great music full of energy and with top quality sound. Playing to the moment and accommodating different styles of music, Katsquire keep the floor full of dancers. For more information go to or visit us on Facebook
Phone: 066 7130944 | 087 4163873

Ros’s puppets Punch & Judy

Suitable for 4-8 year olds. Available for parties & festivals.
Phone: 066 9157349 | 087 7535456

Noreen Ashe – Performer

An accomplished musician and is featured on YouTube with a song called, “Just Loving You”, comes from a family of well-known traditional musicians, and plays in venues all over west to mid-Kerry. Noreen is also available for all church occasions including weddings etc. She can be contacted either via email or by phone. For contact details visit

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