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Annascaul Village
Co. Kerry

More YouTube Tourist Interactions at Hanafins Bar

The  following is another video  blog  which is  self explanatory in that  it  show  just the bonhomie of Hanafins and  where it  is simply  fine  to  start  up a song in any  language at most  times  of the  day.

It  was a  nice  video taken on the  night  and shows  just  how  friendly  we  are  here in Annascaul.

I  trust  you  like it and  please  continue to  send  in any  videos that you  feel will highlight the warmt  of the village in general


Enjoyable scale in Annascaul


We  are  happy to  enter  you  in for  best  video  category  awards where the results  will be displayed  at the  end  of the  year.

September 4th, 2016

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