Putting on an Inch in Kerry – Annascaul videos

Share This: Putting on an Inch in Kerry A play on drums – Drum Ireland put this  on yesterday on Inch  beach https://www.facebook.com/annascaul/videos/828223420642437/ Annascaul and Inch and Morocco dancing with Dance Drum Ireland https://www.facebook.com/annascaul/videos/828223420642437/ https://www.facebook.com/annascaul/ Woh !  “Putting on an Inch”  We  are  not  in Morocco but it  definitely  seems Read more…

Tom Crean Festival

Share This: Look  forward  to  welcoming  everyone  back  for the  Tom Crean Festival June 17th to 19th. This  will be  great  fun   with  walks,  talks and  dances  all lined  up.   Congratulations to all the  people at the  South Pole  who  were  responsible  for setting this   up.

Text Alert

Share This: Text Alert Committee members are still canvassing for members, if you have not yet signed up(€10) forms from Mary, Dora, Maureen or Eileen. Members also hope to make some house calls in the coming weeks.